I am a tinkerer. Woodworking has become a passion of mine that I am eagerly learning more and more about. This site is intended to help chronicle my learnings and showcase the works that I’ve been able to create.

I started with a scroll saw that my dad gave to me after an upgrade in his shop. I was always fascinated by the stuff my dad made and being out on my own post-college, I needed a good hobby outside of video games.  I immediately picked up a book with exercises and fun projects to start figuring it out.

Later on, I purchased a jigsaw during a Black Friday sale and started to tinker more, and with just this and a drill with pocket screws, was able to build a bench with built-in storage. It’s not the prettiest, and I messed up a couple of measurements, but I learned a lot in the process and was ready to dive into this woodworking thing.

I currently have a very incomplete shop and am looking forward to filling it up and learning new skills and producing quality woodworks.  I’m also very excited with sharing this adventure, and perhaps inspire someone along the way.