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I am tinkerer. Woodworking has become a passion of mine that I am eagerly learning more and more about. This site is intended to help chronicle my learnings and showcase the works I've been able to create.
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  • Final Thoughts on the Jewelry Box

    Welcome!  This is the last post on the Jewelry Box that I had the pleasure of building over the last 10 weeks.  This was a very educational class and a lot of fun, and this thing turned out beautifully! In the last post, I documented the process up through the glue up.  I won’t be […]

  • Jewelry Box Pin Boards & Assembly

    Hey everyone, welcome back!  It’s been a few weeks since the first post about the Mahogany Jewelry Box project that I am working on in my weekly class, so it’s time for an update!  In the last post, we walked through the process of laying out the dovetail joint and started to clear out the […]

  • Beginning with Dovetails

    Welcome everyone!  I thought now would be a good time to share some recent experiences and show off a current work in progress.  I am currently taking a 10-session class with Ted Harlan (http://www.tedharlan.com/) about building a jewelry box with hand tools!  For those in the Louisville area that are interested in learning about woodworking, […]